" Already outsourcing?  Use eFILE-it to save you time by.  We can prepare and scan everything for you."

"Using the eFILE-it filing service to scan your clients paperwork will not only make sure your desk is clean and clutter free, it will also allow you to gain office space back for you and your clients."

"Did you know outsourcing a full set of accounts can cost os little as £75."
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Do you have archived paperwork taking up precious room?
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"We have received the documents this morning.  I have just had a quick look and the quality of scan is superior to our own  with every document being clearly readable.".

Rod Wilson
RWA Online

"We Strongly recommend eFILE-it. Everything is clear and concise and above all saves space.".

Alan Myson
CSM Carpets and Flooring Ltd


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?strong>Are you thinking of outsourcing
some of your work to Asia?  Already doing it??

Document scanning is a key part of this process.
You will need top quality images to ensure all documents are clear and easy to read for fast and accurate data entry, bookkeeping and/or production of accounts.

We are document scanning specialists and our eFILE-it service for accountants is designed specifically to facilitate outsourcing.

"Like many accountants in a small practice, you might be thinking that increasing your fee earning capacity without taking on any more staff sounds like a good idea.   But is it more work than it's worth?  We think that if done correctly, with the right outsourcing partners, it's definitely an option worth considering. "

-Elisabeth Belisle, Managing Director, Papershrink Ltd

 Why should you consider outsourcing?

Outsourcing part or all of the work that is currently done in house essentially means you will have some spare time within the practice.  What you do with that spare time is up to you:

1-You can take on more clients and increase both your turnover and your bottom line; OR

2-You can make some staff redundant and increase your bottom line for the same turnover; OR

3-You can start offering other services which will add value to your clients businesses.  Services that will re-enforce your client relationship and help differentiate your practice from your competition. 

But how do you get the paperwork to India?

Sending the originals is risky, takes a long time and is costly.  The best way is to scan.  And that's not always as easy as it seems.

First, you젮eed a scanner that can handle cheque stubs as well as odd size invoices; a scanner that detects multi-feeds or you젨ave pages missing; a scanner that can adapt the contrast and brightness automatically from one page to the next or you젨ave to stop between the orange TNT invoice and the pink Viking one to adjust manually. 

Second, you젮eed someone reliable and meticulous to operate the scanner and make sure all your images are clear, otherwise people doing the data entry wonࢥ able to do it and you젥nd up wasting time dealing with exceptions.   Have you got the right person on board already?  Or will you need to hire someone to scan, so you can outsource the data entry in order to avoid hiring???  Defies the purpose doesnੴ?

You specialise in accounts, we specialise in document scanning...

Document scanning is our business and if you really want to do it in-house, we can sell you a scanner and software that will be right for the job.  We젥ven train your staff for you and help you set-up the quality control procedures. 

But if you場hinking of outsourcing the data entry, you might as well outsource the document scanning too.  Especially if you just want to try and see how it goes?/span>

How does 扌E-it for Accountants?work?

Filing cabinetWe send you some pre-addressed courier bags (we have 3 different sizes).  You place the clientࠤocuments in a bag and send it to us (one client per bag to avoid mix-ups).  We will scan and index the file according to your instructions.  We can then upload the resulting electronic file to our server or directly to your Indian partner೥rver.  As simple as that.

 If you use 扌E-it for Accountants?you젍 have?/STRONG>

    -No initial capital outlay
    -No staff to hire
    -No time wasted looking for the right scanner, software, retrieval system, etc
    -No time wasted learning how to operate the scanner and software
    -No time wasted training someone else to do the scanning
    -No time wasted making sure the scanning has been done correctly
    -Top quality images provided by the latest Kodak technology
    -Guaranteed accuracy
    -48 hour turnaround to make sure the VAT return is in on-time
    -Images compliant with BSI-BIP0008: Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically to ensure compliance with HMRCಥquirements for electronic documents.
    -Secure destruction of the originals with Certificate of Destruction (if desired)

We guarantee our work so there's no risk to you:

-We guarantee our accuracy (both image and indexing) will be at 99.5% or higher or we will re-process at no charge.

-We guarantee that we will collect your documents within 2 working days of your call or we will not charge you for the collection.

-We aim to have your scanned files uploaded to your Indian partner or on our retrieval system within 48 hours of receiving the documents.  We guarantee they will be available within 72 hours or we will give you a 25% discount on your next mailbag.

-If you opt for secure destruction of originals, we guarantee that we will keep your original documents for at least 3 months so you have plenty of time to go through the scanned files before they're destroyed.

-We guarantee that we will not destroy any original paperwork unless we have your written approval (received via post, fax or e-mail).

-We guarantee that all destruction of paperwork will be done securely and that a certificate of destruction will be issued

You have absolutely nothing to lose...

You can only gain from using eFILE-it.  Prices start at only ?5/month and vary depending on the volume of paperwork you send us and the type of scanning package you need.  Signup and we젧ive you a ring and help you decide which option is best for you.

We are so confident you'll be impressed by the quality of our work that we'll let you try it for free.  Just contact us
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